Why Buy From Palabora?

Leading supplier of crude vermiculite
Highest quality
Delivery across Europe in 2-3 days
Established 40+ years
World class distribution partners
Experienced Sales and logistics team in the UK

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Why Buy From Palabora?

Vermiculite Delivered On Time

Thousands of tons in stockpiles in Antwerp, Belgium & the UK
Delivered in 20ft container direct from our mine
World class distribution partners
Experienced Sales and logistics team in the UK

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Vermiculite Delivered On Time

High Quality Vermiculite

Industry benchmark best quality crude vermiculite
Carefully monitored processes from mine to delivery
ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 accredited
Regular analysis by The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) UK

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High Quality Vermiculite

We Supply 4 Different Grades

Medium Grade Vermiculite
Fine Grade Vermiculite
Superfine Grade Vermiculite
Micron Grade Vermiculite

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We Supply 4 Different Grades

Palabora History

Established 40+ years
Leading global miner of crude vermiculite
From our large deposit in South Africa
170+ skilled and experienced employees

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Palabora History


Palabora Vermiculite

From our own mine

When you choose Palabora as your partner, you'll benefit from high-class product stewardship, fast delivery and assured quality. Our vermiculite is rigorously tested and analysed by independent laboratories to ensure consistent high quality. We are committed to mining responsibly and are ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 accredited. You can be totally confident in the product you’re purchasing.

Vermikulit    Vermiculit    Vermiculiet     Vermikuliit
     Vermikuliitti   Vermikulitt    Wermikulit

Leading Supplier of Crude Vermiculite

Why you should buy from us …

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Responsible Mining

responsible mining

As an industrial mineral company Palabora is committed to working in a safe and responsible manner, with due regard to the operating environment and communities which are affected by our activities.

Applications & Uses



Palabora Europe Limited sells and distributes around 90,000 tonnes of South African crude vermiculite throughout Europe and the Middle East for a multitude of industrial and horticultural end-uses.

About Us

Product Stewardship

product stewardship

Rigorous testing & analysis assures that Palabora vermiculite is of a consistent high quality.

Technical Information