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When you choose Palabora as your partner, you’ll benefit from high-class product stewardship, fast delivery and assured quality.

Our vermiculite is rigorously tested and analysed by independent laboratories to ensure consistent high quality.

We are committed to mining responsibly and are ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 accredited.

You can be totally confident in the product you’re purchasing.


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Vermikulit / Vermiculit / Vermiculiet / Vermikuliit / Vermikuliitti / Vermikulitt / Wermikulit


(Mg,Fe +2,Fe +3)3 [(Al,Si) 4O 10 ](OH) 2·4H 2O


n. Any of a group of micaceous hydrated silicate minerals related to the chlorites and used in heat-expanded form as insulation and as a planting medium.


What’s special about Palabora Vermiculite?



Vermiculite is a versatile product and has uses in a wide variety of industries, such as:


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Sustainable development


Palabora Mining Company is more than a mine, located on the border of one of Africa‘s largest game reserves – The Kruger National Park – we have numerous on-site wildlife management programmes and work diligently to minimise the effects of our operations on the environment. We carefully manage our vermiculite deposit to ensure product availability for many years to come.


How do we work to protect the environments we work in?

Supporting local projects


Palabora Mining Company is the largest employer in the Phalaborwa area and actively develops partnerships with local businesses and the community, with an aim to stimulate growth and create opportunities in the region.


How are we contributing to our communities?

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