5 Things you had no idea that Vermiculite was in


Vermiculite surrounds us on a daily basis and yet, few individuals know it. Indeed, vermiculite is almost everywhere due to the fact that it is a very versatile mineral with many desirable properties and is thus utilised in a number of end-use applications, in a wide array of industries. Here are 5 things you probably had no idea vermiculite was in…


1. Hand warmers

Yes, that’s right, if you have air activated hand warmers, vermiculite will most likely be an ingredient! So, what does vermiculite do in a hand warmer? Well, vermiculite is an excellent insulator and when exposed to high temperatures, it expands, absorbing the heat. Vermiculite is also fire resistant, odourless and lightweight – all properties that make it ideal for use in hand warmers.

2. Clutch and brake linings of your car

Micron and Superfine vermiculite grades are well suited to use in the friction linings industry. This is due to the fact that vermiculite can be easily mixed with other raw materials to create a homogeneous mix. Furthermore, vermiculite is inert and this thus dramatically reduces the possibility of fire.

3. Wallpaper

Vermiculite can be used to make wallpaper. The addition of vermiculite creates texture and can be very visually attractive. Practically, vermiculite offers thermal and acoustic insulation as well as fire resistance.

4. Air fresheners 

Select air fresheners such as fragrant scented sachets may include vermiculite. Because vermiculite is sterile and odourless in its natural form, it is possible to add perfume to it and achieve the desired scent. Vermiculite is also excellent at retaining moisture and thus preventing dampness.

5. The Martian film / special effects in films

Did you know? Vermiculite was used in the film ‘The Martian’ (2015) starring Matt Damon. In the film there is a dust storm that strands the main character, Mark Watney on the planet Mars. To create the storm, huge fans blew smoke and vermiculite across the set. Indeed, vermiculite has been utilised in a number of films, particularly to create realistic explosions.


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