Responsible Mining

Responsible Mining


How are we protecting the surrounding environment?

Palabora Mining Company is located on the border of one of Africa’s largest game reserves – The Kruger National Park – and thus, mining responsibly is of the utmost importance. As an industrial mineral company, Palabora is committed to working in a safe and responsible manner, with due regard to the operating environment and communities affected by our activities.

The mine has numerous on-site wildlife management programmes and works diligently to minimise the effects of operations on the environment. For example:

  • Palabora continuously monitors the environmental risks associated with the mine’s activities. One potential risk to the environment that is tracked regularly is the volume of gas emissions produced by the mine. This is monitored to ensure that levels do not exceed the regulatory gas emissions, and ultimately to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment and its inhabitants.
  • Palabora Mining Company employees are provided with extensive training on relevant environmental standards and compliance issues.
  • Palabora is certified for the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

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How are we contributing to the local community?

Palabora Mining Company is the largest employer in the Phalaborwa area and actively develops partnerships with local businesses and the community, with an aim to stimulate growth and create opportunities in the region. For example:

  • The Palabora Foundation has set up a Community Development Forum – a platform to enable tribal representatives to discuss any community issues freely.
  • The 30TEN+5 programme assists 45 local entrepreneurs to build their existing enterprises which represent different sectors of the economy including a bakery, a tomato farm and a car wash operation.

To find out more about our responsible mining policy, please visit the Palabora Mining Company website: