Vermiculite in Horticulture


One of vermiculite’s most well-known end uses is its extensive application in horticulture. Within this industry, exfoliated vermiculite is most commonly utilized as a key contributor in compost formulations. Vermiculite’s presence helps to improve the structure of the soil and furthermore, many of its properties enable the stimulation of growth in plants, allowing them to thrive.

It is the large surface area and lattice-like structure of exfoliated vermiculite that creates high porosity and open cavities facilitating high absorbency of water, fertilizers, pesticides and various food components; this property also permits excellent aeration. It’s capabilities with regards to high water retention ensures soil sustains its moisture and maintains a hydrated environment.

The composition of vermiculite includes minerals such as magnesium oxide, potassium oxide and calcium oxides. The presence of these elements aid plant nutrient supply thus contributing to vermiculite’s use as a carrying medium. Vermiculite is also sterile, non-toxic and inert, meaning it’s free from pests and diseases and crucially, clean to handle for commercial and domestic users alike.


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