Vermiculite in Agriculture


In agriculture, vermiculite is used in crop farming. As in horticulture, it can also be utilized as a fertilizer in this industry. Vermiculite is sterile, inert and has an impressive cation exchange capacity – one considerably higher than competing products. Its presence resists changes to soil pH thus protecting the crop from potential damage caused by fungi and bacteria. It is also important to acknowledge that vermiculite’s high-volume yield accommodates a large liquid uptake, thus maintaining a hydrated environment and enabling the crop to flourish.

In the rearing of livestock too, the use of vermiculite has many advantages. For example, it is often added to feed mixtures for cattle, poultry and hogs (the use of either Micron or Superfine grade will deliver the best results in this application). The mineral acts as a bulking agent and digestive, and due to its absorption properties, also a carrier of nutrients. Specifically, nutrients such as fat concentrates, vitamin preparations and molasses. Moreover, vermiculite can control the release of vital minerals absorbed from additional fertilizers, further intensifying the nutrient content. This high nutrient content will also be present in the animal excrement, enabling the manure to be recycled with increased performance.

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