Technical Information

Technical Information

Below you will find a summary of technical information relating to Palabora vermiculite.

If you require any further information or have any queries concerning quality control testing, health, safety and environmental issues, or any other technical or regulatory questions related to Palabora vermiculite please contact us.


Crude vermiculite from the Palabora mine consists of golden to brown flakes, which are carefully classified into five grades, each with a specified range of particle sizes, as detailed in the table below:

Grade Particle size distribution minimum 80% retained (mm) Typical loose bulk density kg/m3 *
Large -8.0 + 2.8 700-850
Medium -4.0 + 1.4 800-950
Fine -2.0 + 0.710 850-1050
Superfine -1.0 + 0.355 850-1050
Micron -0.710 + 0.250 850-1050

* with compaction in storage or transit can increase to 1250kg/m3

Chemical Analysis and all other technical properties can be provided upon request.

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