Blog: Vermiculite in Insulation and Fire Protection


Vermiculite is a popular choice for home insulation in lofts because it possesses high thermal stability and is thus an excellent insulator. The presence of vermiculite as an insulator can dramatically reduce the quantity of heat lost in a home and is consequently a very economical investment. For this very reason, it has been utilized in the construction of pigsties to keep livestock warm during the cold winters. The loose-fill vermiculite is easy to install and can also operate as a sound absorbent material, so not only does it contribute towards maintaining a well-insulated home but goes some way to blocking out outdoor noise.

Vermiculite can be seen as a highly desirable property because it is inert. Due to this intrinsic fire resistance, it is an imperative component in a vast array of industries, particularly construction and most notably, the friction linings industry. A widely unknown fact for example is that vermiculite is likely to be present in the brake and clutch linings of your car. Furthermore, vermiculite can be applied to structural steel, in car parks for instance, by way of a spray. Due to the mineral’s ability to retain moisture, in the event of a fire, steam would be produced, which would in turn cool the steel and delay the spread of fire. Vermiculite’s presence in fire doors also contributes to this purpose.

Vermiculite in Egg Incubation

Interestingly and rather unusually, vermiculite is used to incubate eggs, specifically reptile eggs. Eggs of all different kinds of reptiles including geckos, snakes, iguanas and even turtles can be placed in exfoliated vermiculite and left to develop before they hatch. Once in a plastic container or something of the sort, the vermiculite must in most

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Vermiculite in Pizza Ovens

Did you know that vermiculite can be utilised to make ovens?! Indeed, pizza and bread-baking ovens specifically can be made using vermiculite that is mixed with cement. These ovens can be constructed fairly easily at home with exfoliated vermiculite and other refractory materials such as fire bricks. Vermiculite is an ideal ingredient in such ovens

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5 Things you had no idea that Vermiculite was in

Vermiculite surrounds us on a daily basis and yet, few individuals know it. Indeed, vermiculite is almost everywhere due to the fact that it is a very versatile mineral with many desirable properties and is thus utilised in a number of end-use applications, in a wide array of industries. Here are 5 things you probably

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